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QI News and Events

Our weekly Group meetings are held in P-block room P721, on Wednesday mornings 10:30-12:30

Topics for Discussion:


20th Feb: Peter, Laurianne, Guido & Kirsty will all discuss their current ARC DP applications

27th Feb: Lance De Vine will talk about encoding structure in vector space models of semantics as well as some issues relating to representation.

6th March: Cancelled - IS School meeting

13th March: Andrew Gibson will discuss his HDR project proposal, and research objectives

20th March: Kirsty Kitto will discuss our just accepted Memory & Cognition paper (Nelson, D., Kitto, K., Galea, D., McEvoy, C., Bruza, P.D. (In Press). How Activation, Entanglement, and Searching a Semantic Network Contribute to Event Memory)

27th March: Sandor Daryani will talk about his experiences while visiting us at QUT, and flag what he would like to continue once he leaves...


Upcoming events:

Quantum Interaction conference: July 2013


Past events:

QI research retreat 2012 (report)

 Quantum Interaction conference: Paris, June 2012

QI research retreat 2011 (report)

QI research retreat 2010